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Help! My daughter is in LOVE! In love with soccer! :) I'm afraid camp this week just made it worse! She's come home excited every day and is preparing to use some of the new skills she's learned in Friday night's game. Thanks to Micah and all of her other coaches. Camryn said Micah has been giving her good feedback and has helped her a lot this week. Camp has been without a doubt a wonderful experience for her. Thank you guys!! Tracey S. McKinney, TX Only very positive things to say about Emma's time with staff and camp.  She was so positive and enthusiastic when she came home every day.  First time experience with soccer and it couldn't have gone better! Amanda H. McKinney, TX Great experience to meet and work with coach Ardila,his patience and attention to every one. He is a wonderful coach.Cuando lo vimos pensamos que era una persona pequena y cuando lo vimos jugar supimos que era un gigante en el soccer. Una excelente experiencia trabajar con personas profesionales como Coach Ardila. Maria M. McKinney, TX Camilo, this has been an excellent first soccer experience for J. He has enjoyed every minute of working with you and the other kids. Thank you thank you thank you for making this so positive. You truly have a gift!! Alison S. McKinney, TX I just wanted to say thank you , I loved that the groups are small, and  the coach knows everyone BY name. My son LOVED the things he learned, and the camp. Just a very HOT but they all made it. I would and will recommend this camp to other soccer parents. Thanks Paula F. McKinney, TX This was our daughter's first soccer camp and it was a wonderful experience! The coaching was excellent and she learned so many new drills. We liked that it was focused on developing better footwork through various drills. It was unlike anything she had ever done before and she looked forward to camp all week. Thank you for all of the work you put into making it a fun week for the children! We hope to return next summer! Joel & Amy S. McKinney, TX My son has been asking to play soccer for a year now.  I missed spring sign up this year and felt horrible about it.  There is a reason for all things...missing spring season gave me the opportunity to put my son in OTB's first Soccer Camp this year.  I was at the camp w/ him 4 of 5 days for the full three hours each day.  Not only did I get to watch and learn from Coach Ardila and his staff, I was able to participate a little bit.I watched my son, who was the youngest kiddo at camp, and has never had any proper instruction in soccer, go from just kicking the ball anywhere... to controlling the ball and making conscious and natural decisions on what he was going to do w/ the ball when it was in his control.  The best part of this experience was that C. had a great time all week.  He has already asked to go again.  Coach Ardila, Coach Chris and Coach Stephanie were  fantastic w/ my son.  They provided plenty of encouragement, support and laughs while teaching my son to have fun and at the same time become a better first time soccer player. I hope to have him signed up for another camp/clinic or two this summer.  He will be playing this fall and I am sure he will have much more fun because of the learning experience he had w/ OTB. My personal thanks to Coach Camilo and Barbra Ardila, Coach Chris and Coach Stephanie for providing the two of us w/ a great week of fun and learning.  See you guys again soon. Scott M. Princeton, TX Loved the small ratio of kids per instructor. Love the one on one attention! T. had an awesome experience.  She loves the game of soccer even more now that she has learned some new skills.  She is definitely ready for the next  season coming up!  Camilo Ardila treated her as one of his own.  His gentleness with the campers and his love for kids shows in his actions and his willingness to teach them the skills they need to know.  T. will definitely be back!!!! John & Karrie P. McKinney, TX Dear Camilo, Barbra, and family, Thanks for hosting another great soccer camp experience this summer.   The kids had a fun time and learned some great soccer moves.  The  friends we brought with us this year were very pleased with their  experience.  Good job! Maria D. McKinney, TX Coach Camilo - J. REALLY enjoys learning from you and your assistants.  He has LOTS and LOTS of passion for the game of Soccer and seems to be excelling very nicely, thanks to you and his regular seasonal Coach. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work in teaching J. the world of Soccer...  He adores you and loves to participate in your camps, and obviously learns and retains a lot of what you have thought him for the past two years and this year as well... Larry P. McKinney, TX Hi Barbra and Coach Ardila; I just happened to log onto your web-site to see what was going on, and saw the section “Hear What They Have To Say”. Of course I just wanted to let you know also, that On The Ball soccer has been an excellent experience for us. My daughter just loves to participate in the skills sessions and had a great time at summer camp, 2007. We look forward to returning this summer. Coach has a special way with all the kids and really motivates them to play. I feel the skills they learn are really helping to develop their level of playing. Not to mention the sportsmanship quality that is enhanced as well. Keep up the great work! We will definitely be back for more. Sincerely, The Fiorilli Family “We attended 2004 ‘On the Ball Soccer’ camp.  My daughter loved it so much that I signed her up for a 2nd session too!  Camilo teaches skills in a way that kids understand the concepts, and he does it in such a fun way that they learn and love it. We will sign up for more!   A more positive attitude can’t be found.” Carolyn S. McKinney, TX “Camilo was our son’s (age 4) coach for the Fall soccer season. He did a wonderful job coaching the kids on the team. Camilo helped to make the practice fun for the kids by getting out on the field and teaching them. His great teaching skills helped the kids learn to listen to him. We won all of our games thanks to Camilo's marvelous coaching skills.” Talitha E. McKinney, TX “Coach Camilo did an excellent job with both of my girls, ages 7 and 11, at OTB Camp.  Not only did I notice that they improved and learned new soccer skills, but they also grew in their love for the game of soccer.  Both Brianna and Alex are looking forward to attending OTB Camp again.” Efrem S. McKinney, TX “I want to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent OTB Coaches Clinic.  As a new coach I found the layout of the drills and, even more importantly, the discussions around the teaching points to be extremely helpful in laying outan effective practice.  It was also very beneficial (and a bit tiring) to have the coaches participate in the drills first-hand and I think we all appreciated the energy you brought to the session.  I look forward to connecting with you on future clinics.” Richard B. McKinney “Coach Camilo is the most caring coach we've known and very positive with the kids.” Sherae B. Allen, TX “My daughter attended an OTB soccer clinic before her second season.  She learned many basic skills that helped her withher game, and there was a noticeable difference in her offensive game this fall.  Camilo's amazing skills and enthusiast approach to coaching let the kids have a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to letting him work with all of our little soccer players in the future.” Justin and Christie W. McKinney, TX “On the Ball Camp was a great experience for my son.  He received a lot of one on one attention.  He really enjoyed the camp and learned a lot in the process.  Coach Camilo is an outstanding soccer coach!” Tasha A. McKinney, TX “My son Jalen, participated in the OTB Camp this past summer 2005.  Not only did I appreciate the convenience of the OTB Camp during his visit with my sister who lives in McKinney, but Jalen was able to develop and learn an abundant amount of soccer skills.  It was fun, exciting and educational.  We are definitely looking forward to next summer with Camilo and the OTB Soccer Camps. Thank you”. Mrs. Cheryl  C. California “I attended ‘On the Ball Coaches Clinic’ this past summer. It was an excellent experience, having never played soccer before. The skills I learned helped me run practices. This allowed both the ones that really enjoy soccer and want to learn as much as they can, and the ones who's parents want them to be there to stay fit have what is the most important thing at this level…‘FUN’. “ Rey G. McKinney, TX My daughter, has had a great time this week at camp! This was her first experience playing/practicing, and now she is interested in joining a rec team this fall for MSA. Thanks so much for your help and peaking her interest! :) Thanks! Allison L McKinney, TX Thank you so much for a great camp.  N has really enjoyed the week.  He loves soccer, but we have never found a coach, team, or league that he really wants to be a part of.  We have tried for years to encourage him to join a team because he enjoys the sport, but have been unsuccessful.  He has been so positive about this camp.  Even though he has a leg injury he has loved playing.  I asked him last night if he thinks he would like to play on a team that you coach and he said yes to my surprise because he usually says no to joining a team.  Please take that as a compliment!  Thanks for a great week.  I am going to ask him if he wants to sign up for another camp this summer.  It was well worth it! Charlene N McKinney, TX My son, A, received a scholarship for your camp this week. I cannot express in words how blessed we are for it. A has had the BEST time and has spent his afternoons practicing what he's learned. He has spoken so highly of the coaches and we just couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much for giving A this opportunity, it is the highlight of his summer! Blessings, Kelly B
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